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4 success stories: A Sports OTT case study by

Nunchee has helped dozens of customers get their streaming platforms off the ground. Some notable examples include The British Basketball League, Fanatiz, Junior Play, and ATA Football.


Fanatiz, the vibrant pay-tv equivalent sports streaming platform, concluded 2020 by hitting a set of important milestones and marking a record year in the brand’s history. Fanatiz grew its subscriber base by 120% in less than a year, ¾ of that growth coming in a three month period. Despite a three-month pause in live programming due to the global pandemic.

Customers love Fanatiz, not only because Fanatiz broadcasts a broad selection of live sports events like South American major league soccer as well as La Liga and the qualifiers for the Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup, but because Fanatiz is reliable and has a great user experience. In a study conducted by an independent research agency, 3,008 people were surveyed about Fanatiz and five of its closest competitors in the streaming space. According to its findings, Fanatiz ranks first in the Good Value attribute, an attribute recognized by 45.8% of those surveyed, and Top 3 in easy to use with 41.6% and trustworthiness with 37% all thanks to its OTT solution

The British Basketball League:

The demand for OTT sports content continues to rise in parallel to the countless creative solutions. The British Basketball League (BBL) saw the opportunity to create an all-in-one streaming platform with Nunchee and they took it. 

In Partnership with Nunchee, The BBL formed and launched their own live streaming service in a matter of weeks. Achieving a working platform from which they can live stream any live-event or league game to anywhere in the world.

On top of creating a successful streaming platform with integrated subscription features quickly and efficiently with Nunchee, BBL’s platform is also equipped with VOD services (video-on-demand). Thanks to Nunchee’s platform and on-demand videos, fans of The BBL who might have missed a game are only a few clicks away from watching a complete replay of the action they missed. 

ATA Football:

Similarly to The BBL, ATA Football is another example of a successful sports OTT platform hosted by 

ATA Football has quickly become a frontrunner in the live streaming of female football. With their significant sport’s rights-holding of the Barclays FA Women’s Super League, the highest female league in England, D1 Arkema, the highest female league in France, and Frauen-Bundesliga, the highest female league in Germany. ATA Football has brought female football to places it had never been before and they don’t plan on stopping here. 

Thanks to ATA Football and, 50 FA Women’s Super League matches and 18 D1 Feminine matches were streamed in real-time to the United States via

Junior Play:

While the previous examples have been either a standalone sports league or streaming services, isn’t reserved solely for big players. Junior Play is proof sole clubs can create an OTT platform and be successful in their endeavor. 

Junior Play is the streaming and media platform for the Colombian soccer club Junior de Barranquilla based in Barranquilla Colombia. 

Junior Play is a robust platform that allows Atlético Junior to fulfill all their multimedia needs in one place. Their site boasts a live section where fans can watch ongoing games, a video section where fans can watch full match replays or quick videos highlighting specific players as well as informative match analysis. 

Although their site is flush with enticing and relevant video content, Junior Play isn’t limited to only a video medium. A blog section quickly and clearly lays out any written content which Atlético Junior wishes to display. Match previews, breaking news, and player announcements live alongside all the content Atlético Junior’s fans have learned to love on Junior Play


Quality content, a robust viewing experience, and constant innovation are essential to a successful OTT live streaming platform. Choosing the correct partner to launch and develop your OTT platform is paramount to success. fits all of the above parameters and is experienced in driving growth for all its partners, wherever they may be. 

About us: is an OTT white-label streaming service committed to providing the best in OTT live streaming. Nunchee empowers Media Creators to launch their video website and branded apps instantly while including all tools to manage their service. You can launch your service in as little as 24 hours. Clients of include The British Basketball League, ATA Football, Telefonica, and Fanatiz among many others.

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