Easy and immediate distribution for your video content.

Nunchee has been developed and designed for immediate results. Create an account. Configure the app layout. Customize the sections of your video channel. Then with the App Builder, publish into Google Play Store and App Store. And voila! You will be ready-to-go on all platforms.

Determine which contents will be premium items under our Access Group feature. Configure all the sections you need, follow the status of your app in real time with Quota Visualizer, and organize your content in the Media Library. Nunchee is the ideal solution to distribute video content.
Launch Professional OTT channels in minutes with Nunchee.tv
Publish your OTT in minutes
It takes 3 simple steps to define the branding, categories, and platforms in which your channel will be present.
Customize the Look & Feel as many times as you want
Our Nunchee Syntax technology enables changes in real time in every operating system.
Sell ads across every device
Make money by offering free to watch content with ads. Only available for custom plans.
Your content, your rules!
Control all aspects of your OTT channel: dynamic playlists, access group rules, subscriptions, categories, etc. Learn how to start using our Nunchee Console
Monetize your video content
Generate revenue with subscription based payments for your audience. With Nunchee, you can receive these earnings in 100+ currencies.
Access groups. Allow or deny your content to fit your business model
Define access rules by country, device, preferences, among others. Combine them as you want.
Your content on every screen
With Nunchee your professional video channel will be available in minutes in the main OS system: such as iOS, Android, FireTV, AppleTV, Roku, and web browsers.
Got sport rights? Get the most out of them!
The best sport stats providers are already integrated with Nunchee. Talk to one of our video specialist for more details.